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JAS House Information

JAS program houses an onsite residential assistant to monitor and offer direction to residents and be responsible for house management,   JAS staff also maintains weekly contact with the participants and provides hands-on coaching, support, and opportunities in 8 lifestyle areas:

  • Employment Readiness
  • Career Planning
  • Financial Education and Planning
  • House Management
  • Transportation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Cooking and Nutrition

JAS House is located on a city bus line to facilitate easy access to school, work, and community resources.  The program aims to assist participants with real-life situations and in some cases, simulate those they need to be prepared for.

Program participants are expected to pay for a portion of the rent and utilities to prepare them for life after JAS House.   While youth experience independent living, they are developing skills and engaging in opportunities that support self-sufficiency.


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