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About us



Journey to Adult Success (JAS) operates a fully furnished home for eligible participants.  JAS provides structure and security for young adults in need of safe affordable housing while on their path to independence and adult success.   Participants are supported and held to mutually agreed upon expectations while working toward their career and educational goals.  Each participant establishes a unique timeline for their stay with the program - typically 12-18 months.

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Our Vision

Our vision by the time participants are ready to leave the program, they will have secured affordable, stable housing built a sizeable saving account and will demonstrate core independent living skill and competencies.

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Our Mission

The Journey to Adult Success Program strives to make a difference for young adults transitioning out of foster care, as well as at-risk youth, with improved outcomes.


Our History

Journey to Adult Success is a community funded 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that partners with young adults, typically between the ages of 18-25, to promote their engagement in education, employment, housing and finances to achieve positive outcomes in each area.